"The Beast with Seven Heads and You"

Documents and Identifies the Revelation 13 Beast
From the Historical Evidence

This book is absolutely unique
You will read the compilation of years of historical research

This crucial research has never been presented before!

The "666", the "Beast's Name", and the
"Mark of the Beast"

have been Identified from Ancient Sources.

The Ramifications are much worse than you think!

This book is both fully documented and historically validated from numerous sources; such as Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Buddhist, Oriental, and Freemasonry.
This is historical research, presented in layman's terms.
What is "The Beast"?
What are "The Seven Heads of the Beast"?
What is "The Mark of the Beast"?
What is "The Answer to the '666' Riddle"?
How will you know "The Beast" when you see it?
What are the "Specific Laws" of worshipping "The Beast"?

All of these questions are answered from the ancient historical records!

This book will be one of the most impactful books you will ever read!

"The Beast with Seven Heads and You"
"The Revelation 13 Beast Identified from the Historical Evidence"

Everyone who is "Religious" MUST READ this book!

Ultimately, you must understand what "The Lie" is

Religious Symbols and Images: They Do Indeed Mean Things!

"The Beast with Seven Heads and You"

Everyone Needs to be Forewarned!

As documented in this book:

Taking the "Mark of the Beast" has been a choice since Creation!

Every single person needs to ask:
Who are you worshipping?
Which "Mark" have you taken lately?

Think again!
You were born into it!

The worship systems of The Seven Heads of the Beast
are all around you.

If you do not recognize the Dragon's Seven Heads,
it is because you grew up with them!
The worship of the Great Dragon, and the taking of his "Mark", is all pervasive.
Right now the Seven Heads of the Beast are Ceremonially 'Marking'
about 3.77 billion people, weekly!

This book gives you the information you need

The "666" and "Mark of the Beast"

Are Identified from Ancient Sources
The Ramifications are far deeper than you have imagined!
Staying away from its worship system is much harder than you have been told!

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By Two Tassels Ministry

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The Revelation 13 Beast Identified, The Beast with Seven Heads Explained
The Beast with Seven Heads and You
by Wayne L. Atchison
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